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If you’re a traveler looking for more than landmarks or monuments, keep in mind that each destination offers alternatives. There are...

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5 Top Horseback Riding Experiences in Ecuador

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An emerging travel destination, the highlands of Ecuador offer horseback riding for spirited travelers who seek special travel experiences...

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Top 5 Archeological Sites for Discovering Colombia’s Past

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As a traveler, you can avail yourself of the unprecedented present situation in Colombia to visit some of the sites from that country’s unparalleled ancient past. We have selected five of the top archeological sites that you can take in while visiting Colombia – each providing you a unique experience for learning about a different chapter of Colombian history and heritage.

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Ecuador’s Six Most Important Archaeological Treasures

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Tours of the vestiges of ancient civilizations — which left the imprints of their rites and ceremonies, as well as those of their members’ daily lives — allows us to understand the development and spirituality of early peoples. In Latin America, the remains of such civilizations are found in various parts of the continent, usually framed in beautiful natural settings. Visiting them helps one to sense the splendor of some of these civilizations lost in time.

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Brazil: 3 ‘Must-See’ Attractions for 2016

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Whether experiencing thong-clad sun worshipers on Ipanema Beach, or awakening to jungle calls from deep within the Amazonian rainforest, Brazil leaves no visitor unimpressed.

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