The Ecuadorian Pacific Coast – Part 2: Manta, Bahía de Caráquez and Canoa

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The second part of my journey took me farther to the northern part of Manabí Province. My first destination was Manta, a port city on the...

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The Ecuadorian Pacific Coast – Part 1: Crucita and Montañita

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This time my journey took me to the Pacific coast of Ecuador, to Manabí and Santa Elena Province to be precise. The capital of the Manabí...

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Colombia – a trip to paradise

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From Cartagena to Tolú and to the San Bernardo Islands Once Colombia had the reputation of being dangerous, a country of guerrillas and...

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From the Andes to the Amazon Jungle

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Between Quito and Lago Agrio, the first leg of my journey, there are about 159 miles and a difference in altitude of 8,366 feet. I decided...

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A train ride back into the past, where traditions are still alive

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Usually when we take a train ride, we do it in order to get from one place to the other. Here in Ecuador the concept of a train trip is...

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