Top 5 Archeological Sites for Discovering Colombia’s Past

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As a traveler, you can avail yourself of the unprecedented present situation in Colombia to visit some of the sites from that country’s unparalleled ancient past. We have selected five of the top archeological sites that you can take in while visiting Colombia – each providing you a unique experience for learning about a different chapter of Colombian history and heritage.

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Brazil: 3 ‘Must-See’ Attractions for 2016

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Whether experiencing thong-clad sun worshipers on Ipanema Beach, or awakening to jungle calls from deep within the Amazonian rainforest, Brazil leaves no visitor unimpressed.

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10 Species to Look Out for as Colombia Opens for Birdwatching

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Who would have thought it? Colombia is on the road to becoming the hottest destination for birders and birdwatchers wanting to visit South Latin America

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Ecuador’s ‘Cacao Trail’

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A Journey Full of History, Charm and …Flavor! By Gabriela Paz y Mino Visitors who travel Ecuador’s chocolaty “Cacao Trail” will...

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The ‘Best Guide in the World’ Shows Travelers the Real Ecuador

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Named "The Best Guide in the World" by a British travel magazine, Ecuadorian trailbrazer talk about why he entered and remains in the profession

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Is a Vacation in the Amazon Really Doable?

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Shrunken heads, man-eating anacondas and poison-tipped blowgun darts… The mere mention of the word “Amazon” evokes terrifying...

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