Top 5 Archeological Sites for Discovering Colombia’s Past

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As a traveler, you can avail yourself of the unprecedented present situation in Colombia to visit some of the sites from that country’s unparalleled ancient past. We have selected five of the top archeological sites that you can take in while visiting Colombia – each providing you a unique experience for learning about a different chapter of Colombian history and heritage.

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Ecuador Volcano Awakening from 75-Year Sleep

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Known as the world’s largest active volcano, Cotopaxi has been silent for almost 75 years. However, the volcano — located only 28 miles southeast of the Ecuadorian capital of Quito — is now starting to show signs of restlessness.

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The ‘Best Guide in the World’ Shows Travelers the Real Ecuador

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Named "The Best Guide in the World" by a British travel magazine, Ecuadorian trailbrazer talk about why he entered and remains in the profession

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We Are Still Alive

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An interview with Leo Rojas, winner of the German talent show Das Supertalent, discussing indigenous culture and his visit to Ecuador ...

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Happy Palate at Palacio de la Fritada

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Ecuadorian cuisine has many unique qualities that will delight any curious palate.  We were on our way back from Papallacta, where we took...

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Interview with Christian Albers, a German who has been living in Baños for 24 years

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Christian Albers is the owner of the small guesthouse Isla de Baños (Baños Island) in the middle of Baños, a town at the foot of the...

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