In Search of the Mythical Juan Valdez: Colombia’s ‘Coffee Trail’ Reopens for Travel

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Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011, central Colombia’s “Coffee Region” is now formally recognized as a travelers’ destination par excellence.

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10 Species to Look Out for as Colombia Opens for Birdwatching

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Who would have thought it? Colombia is on the road to becoming the hottest destination for birders and birdwatchers wanting to visit South Latin America

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Ecuador Volcano Awakening from 75-Year Sleep

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Known as the world’s largest active volcano, Cotopaxi has been silent for almost 75 years. However, the volcano — located only 28 miles southeast of the Ecuadorian capital of Quito — is now starting to show signs of restlessness.

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Ecuador’s ‘Cacao Trail’

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A Journey Full of History, Charm and …Flavor! By Gabriela Paz y Mino Visitors who travel Ecuador’s chocolaty “Cacao Trail” will...

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The ‘Best Guide in the World’ Shows Travelers the Real Ecuador

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Named "The Best Guide in the World" by a British travel magazine, Ecuadorian trailbrazer talk about why he entered and remains in the profession

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Is a Vacation in the Amazon Really Doable?

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Shrunken heads, man-eating anacondas and poison-tipped blowgun darts… The mere mention of the word “Amazon” evokes terrifying...

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