Happy Palate at Palacio de la Fritada

Restaurant Palacio de la Fritada

Ecuadorian cuisine has many unique qualities that will delight any curious palate.  We were on our way back from Papallacta, where we took pictures for Christina’s blog, and were getting hungry.  On the way back, we passed through Tumbaco, which is outside of Quito in the center of the Cumbayá valley.  And on Christian’s recommendation, we ended up at the restaurant Palacio de la Fritada.

Christina (right) and myself eating fritada

It didn’t take us long to make up our minds about what to order since this restaurant’s specialty is fritada (fried pork). As soon as we got inside the restaurant, we noticed that it is a very popular place.  There were tons of people there eating together: families and friends talking amongst each other while smiling and pleasing their stomachs.

Rocío Mullo, who is part of the second generation in this family-run business, told me some interesting facts about the restaurant:

Interviewing Rocío Mullo

When did this restaurant open?

My mother started this business 38 years ago.  It began out of the need to support her six children because she was raising us on her own and she didn’t have any support.  It started out real small and kept growing until what you see today.

We have worked alongside my mother this whole time.  One of my nephews helps out at the register and one of my nieces is studying culinary arts, so I hope that little by little they can start running the restaurant themselves.

How many people work here?

On the weekends we have 45 employees because we get around 3,000 customers.

Whose cooking and recipes are behind the dishes that are served here?

It’s always been my mother. She comes in the morning, tastes the food, and checks on things to make sure everything’s all right and that every dish is tasty and of high quality for our customers.

What kind of food do you serve here?

We have traditional food from the highlands like hoof soup, potato soup, chicken soup, and yahuarlocro, a very special soup that is served with avocado, tomato, and goat entrails with fried blood.

A plate of fritada

The main dish here is fritada, which has fried pork, potato patties, corn, fried sweet plantains, cheese, avocado, tostado (a type of dry corn), and hominy.

Rocío Mullo

Would you like to say anything to our readers?

We invite you to come to Palacio de la Fritada to taste the best in Ecuadorian cuisine, especially fritada.  We have high-quality dishes and our friendly staff will be happy to serve you.

My plate of fritada filled me up because the portions are big.  I left the restaurant satisfied and thinking about coming back with my friends to try this delicious food in Tumbaco.  I probably opened up your appetite with this article, right?

Palacio de la Fritada


Av. Salinas 135 y Av. García Moreno por la vía Interoceánica, Tumbaco, Quito, Pichincha.

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